A Season of Giving

In the spirit of the season, we are always searching for ways to give to others, but how are you giving to yourself this year?  When you have a long list of people to please, sometimes, getting into the holiday spirit can be challenging.  Parties to be planned, kids to be entertained, and the endless supply of food to be provided, can leave you depleted and many times, your health will suffer.  We have a few tips to help you with this, and hopefully, to alleviate the overwhelming stress which seems to always accompany this season!

1)  Relax.  Give yourself the gift of meditation, and keeping your mind and body still.  Focus on your breathing, and clearing your mind completely.  Keep a pad of paper next to you, so you can write down any items which will need your attention after you are done.  If you have trouble keeping still, set a timer and just focus on your breathing, it’s only 20 minutes!  You can spare that to preserve your sanity and your health.  Tell your kids and household guests that you will be unavailable for the designated amount of time.  You may have to tell them several times, but they will eventually become accustomed to it and even come to appreciate it. One of our friend’s kids tells her, “Mom, have you had your relaxation time today?  You need it!”

Fun with Leaves

2) Be in nature.  Going for a walk is very nurturing to your body and mind.  It will often result in clarity on some issue you may be having.  If you live in a place where the weather prohibits this, even stepping outside for a breath of fresh air can be very healing and invigorating.  Have you heard of the Polar Bear Club?  They will swear by the healing effects of the cold water.

3) Have fun!  Never underestimate the importance of having fun, whether you are young or old, the human experience is always improved by a bit of laughter and fun.  Studies show that laughing can heal on a cellular level.

Dog Gone it! I need to merge!

Whatever you do this holiday season, remember to enjoy yourself, and look for the small simple pleasures.  We wish you a very happy and healthy season, from all of us at Descaid!

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